Country Bathroom

Project Description

Homeowner was looking to add an additional bathroom to their existing bedroom, expanding the size and allowing for both of them to be able to move freely about. The husband wanted a larger shower, the wife a luxurious bathtub. They also wanted two separate vanity cabinets to store items and stay separated during busy times.

  • Location: West Bakersfield
  • Architect/Designer: NA
  • Type: Remodel
  • Cost: $
  • Completion Time: TBD
  • Completion Year: 2015


Sean has a unique heritage in the construction industry

Learning from both his dad, Michael, and his grandfather, Tommy “Pat” Patterson, he is now the third generation that has learned building and construction from the ground up. He understood early in life that quality and reputation were very important with both clients and subcontractors. Starting as a home detailer for a local builder, Sean gained valuable experience of day-to-day operations, punch lists and customer service. He then became a superintendent for a custom home builder, enhancing his knowledge of the building process and understanding homeowner needs and concerns.

Enthusiasm for building and working with people

His enthusiasm for building and working with people, motivated him to start SMP in 2009. He has overseen every aspect of the growth of the company, and with his extensive industry knowledge, focus on long-term relationships and commitment to quality, Sean has earned respect from both industry leaders and clients. He is one of the most sought after general contractors in Kern County.

Sean Patterson