Sean Patterson

SMP is more than a builder

While every project we do is as unique as its owner, some things come standard with all projects: superior architectural integrity, professional management, attentive client service and adherence to strict budgets and timelines. We pride ourselves on our approach to customer satisfaction and personalized attention to each project.

A partnership that starts at the first meeting

Our goal is for clients to know who we are, like what we do, and trust us. It’s a partnership that starts with the first meeting and development of personal relationships to fully understand ideas and needs

You’ll love the end result

SMP will create your dream project while eliminating all of the guesswork, uncertainty, and that sense of being overwhelmed that comes with remodeling or new construction. We accomplish this through coordinated production and an open line of communication.

We only use qualified partners in the trade, and every aspect is closely watched by members of our team. Each project receives the highest level of attention. We always respect budgets and place your priorities first. We build our reputation one project at a time.

Our priority is to make your vision our mission

SMP is known for customer satisfaction and excellence. Projects are of the highest quality, on time, and we provide outstanding warranty service. As our client, we work FOR you. As our partner, we work WITH you. Even though our team contains experienced industry leaders and master craftspeople, only you are the expert of your dream. We make your priorities our own, and your vision our mission.


It all starts with your dream and vision. We believe communication is the key. At our initial meeting, we will discuss your goals, ideas and wishes. Together, we will determine your priorities and capture your vision.

Gathering your ideas and requirements, we will refine, enhance and develop preliminary plans. The plan is then modified and refined until an agreed upon plan is created.

When the design is finalized, we can assist you on making selections. This integral part of our building process includes selections of appliances, cabinets, lighting fixtures, counter tops, wall finishes, tile patterns and floor coverings, just to name a few. When all of the plans and specifications are complete, the final costs can be estimated. Superior planning enables us to ensure pricing for every project.

Good communication is the foundation of every SMP project, so we work closely with you to keep you informed throughout every phase in the construction process. We schedule walk-throughs so you will have the ability to quickly respond with feedback and questions. You can feel confident that your project is in good hands. Once a project is complete and the final sign off is done, SMP is not out of the picture. We are a resource that is always available after completion. We warranty every project and will make sure you are completely satisfied with your project.